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Intensive Driving Tuition makes everything so simple. Just choose the course that best suits your needs and complete and send the booking form with the date that you wish to start. We will send you back a confirmation by return of post. Remember we book your tests for you.

COURSE A – 18 Hours: 5 days, from Monday to Friday, mornings or afternoons. Price £599.00

COURSE B – 24 Hours: Taken over 7-10 days, mornings or afternoons. Price £749.00

COURSE C – 30 Hours: Taken over 8-10 days, mornings or afternoons. Price £849.00

COURSE D – 34 Hours: Taken over 2-3 weeks, mornings or afternoons. Price £949.00

COURSE E – 18 Hours: Taken over 2 weekends with your test on a weekday. Price £599.00

COURSE F – 8 Hours: This course is specifically designed for people who have failed a previous test. Taken over 2 or 3 days. Price £299.00

On all of our courses we will try to arrange for your test to be on the final day.

On all of the courses you will have a short break each day which will allow you time to stretch your legs and refresh yourself. It will also give you and your instructor time to discuss your progress. All instruction is given on a one to one basis with no other pupil in the car.

EACH COURSE INCLUDES: Your driving test fee, all tuition, a mock test and the use of the car for the D.S.A. driving test.

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